Acoustic Mats

Made from eelgrass—a natural, non-toxic and CO₂-binding material—Søuld’s acoustics enhance the sensory experience of interior wall and ceiling cladding whilst providing exceptional acoustic performance, health and well-being benefits.

ENGINEERED EELGRASS — The raw material is collected sustainably by Danish farmers and engineered by Søuld into Acoustic Mats that offer exceptional results within indoor environments including restful acoustics, thermal comfort, air humidity stabilization as well as an appealing aesthetic expression.

The mats are approved for safety indoors with high fire, mould and rot resistance, zero harmful chemicals or additives and no toxic emissions—ultimately creating healthy and allergy-friendly interior atmospheres that support mental and physical well-being. The natural beauty of the eelgrass forges a serene connection to nature indoors and invites a sense of calm and comfort. The material is resilient yet soft to touch—imparting texture, warmth, and a subtle scent that recalls the sea.

Søuld’s acoustics represent a sustainable alternative to help architects, designers and builders reduce the environmental impacts of construction. Søuld’s engineering of the CO₂-binding eelgrass fibres results in building 
materials that act as a carbon sink by locking CO₂ in the material over the building’s lifetime. Søuld’s products are responsibly produced in Denmark and designed to be be fully circular with the lowest environmental impact possible.

With their simple, modern aesthetics, Søuld’s Acoustic Mats are proportioned for easy interior application and are fully customizable to suit residential or commercial spaces of all natures and scales. The mats are convenient and fast to install, and their superior quality provides lasting comfort.



Made in Denmark from locally-sourced materials and techniques honed over centuries, Søuld’s Acoustic Mats are an honest reflection of the Scandinavian landscape, character and belief in high quality design and production.


Eelgrass, Flame Retardant, Bicomponent Binder


35 mm

Standard Size

600 x 1100 mm

Custom Size

3000 x 1100 mm (fully customizable)


137 kg/m3


Green Summer or Brown Autumn


Subtle wind and sea


Interior walls and ceilings


Adhesive or screws



SOUND ABSORBING — As a result of the material’s porous structure, Søuld’s Acoustic Mats deliver an exceptional sound absorption across a wide range of frequencies. By heavily dampening noise, Søuld’s products help to create restful and productive atmospheres within residential, industrial and public spaces, contributing to human health and well-being.



As well as reducing ambient noise, Søuld’s products bring calm to interiors through their simple, honest forms.


Derived from the sea, the eelgrass fibres naturally contain high amounts of salt which resists fire.

FIRE PROOFING — Søuld’s Acoustic Mats are crafted from eelgrass which is naturally impregnated with sea salts to result in products with an imbedded fire protection. For increased performance, Søuld combines the eelgrass with a natural and non-toxic flame-retardant. Søuld is currently type-approved as protective cladding with a class D-s2,d2 and will reach class B-s1,d0 by fall 2021.



CARBON STORING — Søuld is made from a sea plant that reproduces itself annually, washes ashore during autumn storms and is dried on nearby fields by the sun and wind. Eelgrass binds large amounts of CO₂ during its growth and if left to decompose, it would release CO₂ back into the atmosphere. By safely storing this CO₂ in durable building materials, Søuld’s products serve as carbon sinks which result in a highly positive climate impact. Our certified EPD confirms there is more CO₂ bound in eelgrass than what is emitted during Søuld’s production of the final product (A1-A3).


When used in construction, Søuld’s Acoustic Mats reduce the overall carbon footprint of a building, thus contributing to more sustainable living.


The material’s organic properties stimulate the senses and regulate the interior atmosphere to help keep body and mind in balance.


BIOLOGICAL RESISTANCE — Søuld acoustics are robust and durable. The plants’ growth in salt water adds a natural impregnation to the fibres which protects against mould, rot and vermin. This enables a long product lifetime, reduces the instance of allergens and contributes to a healthy indoor climate.


Søuld’s Acoustic Mats improve the quality of interior atmospheres by balancing moisture.


MOISTURE REGULATING — Søuld products act as an effective humidity regulator. They absorb excess indoor humidity and release it when the humidity levels drop, thus maintaining an optimal level. This natural humidity control contributes to a pleasant indoor climate that promotes comfort and health.


ZERO-EMISSION — Søuld’s products are entirely free from toxic additives. Thus, our products do not emit formaldehyde or any VOCs to the indoor climate, which results in high indoor air quality that supports health and well-being.  Additionally, our products meet industry thresholds making them well-suited for sensitive environments.


Søuld Acoustic Mats are non-toxic and allergy-free making them a healthy building material for homes, offices and public spaces.


Søuld’s Acoustic Mats retain the evocative quality of the plant they’re made from to bring nature indoors.

NATURAL CHARACTER — Humans, climate and nature are inseparable and natural materials allow us to slow down and feel at ease. Søuld brings an honest expression of nature inside, imparting warmth and a sense of pre-industrial humanity. As eelgrass is a living material, unique tonal variations are seen each season from muted greens to warm browns. Watch the expression shift as light and weather conditions change and colours take on more character as a subtle patina emerges over time.


FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS — Søuld is characterized by tactility and simple design solutions that seamlessly integrate with many contexts and needs. The material is heat pressed into flat, uniform mats allowing the products to be cut in various shapes and sizes, making design customizations easy. The products are simple to install using adhesive or screws, and they’re scalable to suit interiors of any size.



Passionate about collaboration, Søuld also works with designers and architects to create bespoke solutions.


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Architectural materials made from eelgrass for healthy and environmentally friendly living.

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