To unlock the benefits of eelgrass, Søuld has spent over five years devising manufacturing processes that merge nature with state-of-the-art technology, and has built a local community of dedicated eelgrass suppliers. 

OUR PROCESS — Søuld has established the optimal formula to produce eelgrass mats at an industrial level and deliver products that meet market needs. 

Søuld’s products are responsibly manufactured in Denmark through close, long-standing relationships with local partners who are equally committed to sustainable production. We collaborate with independent institutes and certification authorities to test and ensure that our producers meet the highest standards with respect to toxic emissions. We only use compounds that are manufactured without noxious chemicals and release no harmful substances into the indoor environment.

Søuld’s products and processes are designed to be fully circular and with the lowest environmental impact possible. We take environmental protection and the health of producers and customers seriously. Therefore, we expect all of our production partners and suppliers to meet the same commitments as our own team, and we provide full transparency about our materials, processes and product life-cycle.



1. SOURCING — Eelgrass is a natural resource which reproduces itself annually in the sea, washes ashore without any human intervention, and is dried on nearby fields by the sun and wind. Working closely with our community of farmers in Denmark as well as local municipalities and ecologists, Søuld has developed a responsible approach to eelgrass collection based on environmental protection, safeguarding of ecosystems and the preservation of eelgrass meadows. Our sourcing practices also sustain the age-old eelgrass trade and empower local businesses. 



2. AIRLAID — At Søuld’s Danish production facility, the eelgrass is analyzed, sorted and classified according to colour and quality, then shredded down to shorter standardized fibres to ensure the best aesthetic and mechanical properties. Initially, the shredded fibres are impregnated with a natural, non-toxic flame retardant and mixed with a binder specially designed for cellulose fibres and recyclability. The blended fibres are then formed into eelgrass batts using airlaid technology. 




3. COMPRESSIONAfter the fibres are formed into eelgrass batts, they are compressed into mats using a process which balances a low temperature with high compression. The mats are then ready to be cut. Standard sizes are offered at 600 x 1100mm, or the mats can be fully customized to suit any project, with sizes up to 3000 x 1100mm. The finished mats are then ready for easy installation onto interior walls or ceilings. 




4. CIRCULARITY — Søuld’s products are designed for circularity. When they reach their end-of-life after many years of use, they can be returned to the factory, re-shredded and either blended into standard products or used to create a base for second-generation Søuld materials. This process ensures the products’ sustainability throughout the entire life-cycle. Søuld products that are not returned to the factory can be sent for combustion at heating plants. 




5. QUALITY CONTROL — We work closely with our local production partners to maintain full control at every step of the process from each component to the final product. The Søuld team are enthusiastic developers and we constantly strive to improve our processes and the aesthetic and functional properties of our mats to make them the best sustainable option for interior spaces.

Quality Control


6. TRANSPARENCY — Our materials are responsibly sourced and produced in Denmark according to the highest local environmental standards and industry certifications. We collaborate with partners, test institutes and certification authorities to verify data about the materials we use, our processes and product life-cycle, and to provide transparent results. We strive unceasingly to develop sustainable products of high quality and always search for the best solutions to improve the environmental accounting of our production and products.