Acoustic Walls Absorbents

Use our products for functionality and appearance. Combine the performance features that are important to you with the perfect style to fit your decor. Use either our raw Acoustic Mats/Acoustic Boards as acoustic cladding our use our finished acoustic Design Solutions.


Products to use


The Acoustic Mats offer the highest acoustic class and a high degree of tactility and softness to your project. Their simple appearance and low climate footprint make them a versatile choice for both walls and ceilings.


The Acoustic Boards offer rigidity and a high degree of possible post-processing, while at the same time providing a high acoustic performance and the same the low climate footprint as the mats.


The solid oak Wooden Frame offer a high degree of functionality and are easy to install. They are fitted with the effective Acoustic Mats and therefore contribute with a high acoustic absorption capacity.


The modular acoustic system Wooden Joints combines a mounting system designed for disassembly and enhancing the tactile properties of the soft Acoustic Mats.

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